Child Journalists’ Arrival in Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum

December 12, in order to allow small Reporters recognize China Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum, experience the intricate craft exquisite porcelain, porcelain-workers feel the ancient wisdom of labor, Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Jingdezhen small portion had contacted me before Yu Wenting Museum, the Museum leadership small reporter to visit a warm welcome and strong support, not only provides instructors explain, and specifically delegated deputy director Shao red accompanied reporters visited the small, small to answer reporters' questions.

9:30, more than reporters at the entrance to the museum more than 40 small and accompanying reporters came after the parents of more than 10 collections, the museum announced civilization provisions in the museum staff, accompanied by security into the hall of the museum registration began a study tour trip today.

Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum through gorgeous turn on October 18, 2015 opening, the museum more than 30 000 (sets) collection, a collection of Neolithic pottery from various historical periods and since the Han and Tang ceramic products, which countries relics more than 500 pieces, the different types of sub-dynasty art form, different styles of ceramic products were on display. Ceramic collections within each exhibition Ling Lang everywhere, contests, beautiful.

By the permanent museum exhibition hall, temporary exhibition hall, academic exchange area, public spaces, leisure and business district, offices, multi-purpose area, warehouse area and other components, all-round, multi-angle, deep to show. Small reporter who issued from time to time in each hall, "wow, wow" sound, all marvel at the wonderful commenting appears in front of their magnificent vessels and instructors.

In front of the large screen activities, held a small little reporter's question activities. Shao Hong, deputy director with the kind words plain, small satisfactorily answered reporters' questions one after another, and the museum's greatest treasures, "the Yuan Dynasty blue and white peony vase" made a clear description: "its body of five layers from top to bottom painted decoration, painted Eight lines within the overlying shoulder lotus, peony painted abdomen, lower abdomen painted Yang lotus Design, plainer glaze, blue and white hair color rich, and carving, scratching , printing decorative techniques, it is to bisque ceramic conversion flag is blooming within the ceramic art galleries, a wonderful work! Shao Hong, deputy director of the museum will also feature described.

Along with a small reporter visited together a parent Chen said: "The visit of the museum not only let the kids have knowledge, let us parents grew ceramics knowledge, instructors explain the extremely rich and vividly seen artifacts together, as if the distant Zhici scene after scene in front again now, was amazed at so distant era can be made out of such a beautiful vessel. thanks Shaoguan Zhang and other museum staff to provide quality services, we The next opportunity also to! "

On December 12, the Jingdezhen Chinese Cermaics Museum opened up its doors to children to help increase awareness amongst the youth of the ancient, delicate art of ceramics. Museum leadership warmly welcomed the children, providing guides with deputy director Shao Hong accompanying reporters while carefully answering their questions.

By 9:30, more than 40 children have gathered at the museum, eagerly waiting to see the 10 collections spanning across several civilizations. They are then accompanied by security into the registration hall to begin a study tour.

The Jingdezhen Chinese Ceramics Museum first opened its doors on October 18, 2015. Its gorgeous exterior is home to more than 30,000 artifacts, ranging from the Neolithic pottery to contemporary works. The breadth of the catalogue is matched by its depth, featuring more than 500 works from the Han and Tang periods, within which are sub-dynasty art forms with distinct styles of ceramic products.

The building in itself is impressive, containing a permanent exhibition hall, temporary exhibition hall, academic exchange area, public spaces, leisure and business districts, offices, a multipurpose area, warehouse area and more. As the children went about their tour of the museum, many made sounds of awe as they gazed upon the wondrous multitude of artwork that appeared in front of them.

Shao Hong held a Q&A session with the children, answering any questions they may have had about the museums many artifacts. In one case, when describing one of the museums greatest treasures, the “Yuan Dynasty Blue and White Peony Vase,” he stated: “Its body is composed of five layers, painted from top to bottom. Eight lines compose the overlying shoulder lotus. The abdomen is painted a rich peony color. On the lower abdomen lies a painted Yang lotus design. The use of plainer glaze, rich blue and white colors, and carving, scratching, printing decorative techniques make this a particular gem in our collection. It’s a wonderful work!”

One of the parents, Chen, stated “This museum visit will not only give us and our kids knowledge, but allow us to travel back in time with the vivid painted scenes. It allows us to appreciate a distant era, preserved within the colors and contours of a beautiful piece of china. I’d like to thank director Zhang and other museum staff for giving us such a wonderful opportunity, and we’d like to come back soon!”