Exhibition of porcelain by Wang Xiliang

       Time: May 18th---June 2nd,2016-5-7

       Place: No.1 temporary exhibition hall

       Introduction: Wang Xiliang is the first Chinese Arts and Crafts Master. As one of the first batch of ceramic artists and Chinese Ceramic Art Masters inJingdezhen, and the winner of lifetime achievement award by China Light Industry Union, Wang Xiliang is honored as a leading authority in the field ofJingdezhenceramic art. He, who is indifferent to fame and wealth, is more than eighty years old and still insists on art creation and makes earnest efforts to promote public welfares.

The paintings by Wang Xiliang showed in this exhibition amount to nearly 100 pieces. Through these paintings, not only we can appreciate Wang Xiliang’s creation style and supreme artistic level in different times, but also we can trace the track of his art and life and taste a ceramic master’s distinctive artistic character—generous, modest, indifferent and kind.