Unglazed engraving pot with heaping four spirit beast and cover


     Made in Southern Song Dynasty, 35.5cm high, its abdominal diameter is 14cm,it is unearthed from Wang Che’s grave in Xianghu, Jingdezhen. Now it’s collected by China Ceramic Museum.


    Features: Unglazed body, it has two parts which are cover and bottle, besides, the top of cover appears bamboo hat shape, the middle are four fulcrums supported by lotus petal; the bottle has straight mouth, flat shoulder, bulging belly, the shoulder of the bottle almost sculptured with creatures from four directions, that is, green dragon, white tiger, vermillion bird, black tortoise. The belly of the bottle is fully twined flowers, the bottom is round foot which turns outward. The decoration technique of this ware is exquisite and has highest art value.