Blue and white plaque which has written four Chinese words “佑陶灵祠” with entangled lotus


Made in Yongzheng Years of Qing Dynasty, and now it’s collected by China Ceramic Museum.

Features: This is the plaque hanging above the door of Wind & Fire Immortal Temple, it is made of porcelain, and composed by four parts, its body is huge and heavy. The frame of the surface was painted with blue and white entangled lotus pattern, and inside the frame, there are four large words which was written by Tang Ying in winter of ninth Yongzheng Years, and he was a famous pottery supervisor of Qing Dynasty of Jingdezhen. It has reflected a kind of praise and souvenir of Tang Ying for the bravery of fighting against the feudal government and devoting himself to most of the ceramic worker’s interest of Tong Bin.