Irony-clay bottle with flowers, birds pattern in the panel and double ears


Made in the Republic of China, 31.7cm high, its abdominal diameter is 26.2cm, it is handed over by Jingdezhen Municipal Party Committee, and now it’s collected by China Ceramic Museum.

    Features: Wide mouth, its neck adducts, dropped shoulder, bulging belly, its foot turns outward, the bottom is glazed but there is no stamp in its round foot.  Adopting irony-clay to carve the flowers and gold to decorate, its belly was decorated with panel famille rose landscape. The rim of mouth was decorated with Ruyi pattern, and there is banana leaf pattern in the neck, bat pattern in the shoulder, as well as there carved Ruyi, cloud and scroll leaf pattern in the belly, the ear is Ruyi and jade tablet shape, below the ear, there tied the word “” , double fish, and Ruyi decoration.