Cross strait exchanges base award ceremony held in Jingdezhen Chinese Ceramics Museum

Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum Chinese cross-strait exchange base awarding ceremony was held on Oct17th, Jiangxi affairs office director Deng Baosheng, Jingdezhen mayor Mei Yi, deputy mayor Zhang Lianghua and hundreds of ceramic cultural workers participate in the opening ceremony. Municipal Committee, United Front minister Zhang Chunping presided over the ceremony. Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum is also the second "Cross Strait Exchange base" approved by Jiangxi province after the Mountain Longhu in Yingtan".

The Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office Director Deng Baosheng said, Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum as cross-strait exchanges base and Taiwan Yingge Ceramics Museum signed a cooperation agreement, Chang Hai Franz, Taiwan Delta and other well-known ceramics enterprises settled in Jingdezhen, a group of ceramic artists from Taiwan to settle in Jingdezhen, engaged in ceramic art creation.

"Ceramic culture and art" is a bright pearl in the treasure house of Chinese culture, which is handed down from the Taiwan Strait to the past." Deng Baosheng said that the Taiwan Affairs Office of Jiangxi province and Jingdezhen city will continue to strengthen a follow-up construction base, give full play to the base of the influence and role model, and strive to build cross-strait compatriots close exchanges and strengthen cooperation, promote consensus on the new platform.

Jingdezhen, a famous "capital of porcelain", has a unique brand advantage and cultural charm to promote cross-strait exchanges,and it has an important role in the link. Jingdezhen mayor Mei also said, "Cross Strait Exchange base" in Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum successfully landed, will become a new engine to promote the cultural exchange of Taiwan ceramic culture and expand cultural industry cooperation.

The cross straits exchange base is a new platform promoted by the Taiwan Affairs Office, adapting to the new situation of cross straits relations, highlighting the characteristics of local resources and deepening exchanges and cooperation between the two sides .

After the awarding ceremony and participating in the opening ceremony, the guests and co- leaders were involved in cross-strait youth ceramic artists exchange activities, and had a cordial exchange with artists from Taiwan.