A city of dialogue with the world -- "Jing piao" International Ceramic Exhibition opened in my Museum

China Art Research Institute and Jingdezhen municipal government jointly held a dialogue with the world city - "Jing piao 'International Ceramic Art Exhibition", October 17th in the afternoon, in the grand opening of Jingdezhen Chinese ceramics museum. UNESCO International Ceramics Association chairman Jacques Kaufman, former chairman of the American ceramic art education, Kaokesi Percy, Chinese Art Research Institute Vice President Niu Genfu, city leaders Huang Kangming, Wu Jun, Mei Yi also, Zhang Chunping, Xiong Hao, municipal government Secretary General Zhang Wei attended the opening ceremony . At the opening ceremony, mayor Mei Yi also announced that the exhibition was officially opened.

The municipal Party committee, propaganda minister Wu Jun gave the first speech, he said,  "Jing piao" International Ceramic Exhibition, is jointly organized by the China Art Research Institute and the Jingdezhen Municipal People's government.Racial and cultural links among more than 20 different countries and regions, is the bridge and link of the international cultural exchange. The exhibition is Jingdezhen local art, materials and different culture, the concept of the collision sublimation crystallization, and truly reflects the "universal" essence, "Wuzhou" creative, vivid interpretation of the profound philosophy due to the exchange of culture and civilization, due to mutual learning and rich and wonderful ", will promote the convergence of multi culture, promote our city and the world prosperity and development of ceramic art.

Niu Genfu, vice president Chinese Art Research Institute ,said that high-level influential international ceramic art activities has been held to build a high level of international art platform. Chinese Art Research Institute and Jingdezhen municipal government jointly build a dialogue with the world of the city "," Jing piao"International Ceramic Exhibition is to achieve the aspirations of the beginning. The scene floated as a cultural phenomenon, all kinds of cultural symbols and cultural information carried by, not only attracted worldwide attention and artists, but has become a byword for potters inheritance, development and innovation of ceramic culture. The International Ceramic Exhibition will present the diversity expression of ceramic art by various artists. It is believed that the ceramic art exhibition is both grand and unforgettable.

It is understood that the exhibition is one of the important activities of Chinese Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair this year. The exhibition brings  80 Chinese and foreign well-known artists together, more than 100 pieces of ceramic products, is the Chinese and foreign ceramic art feast. At the end of the opening ceremony, the leaders visited the International Ceramic Exhibition of "Jing piao".