Ceramic speech 2017 He Bingqing ceramic art exhibition in our museum

On the morning of October 17th, and 2017 porcelain words He Bingqing ceramic art exhibition in our gallery, Chinese Light Industry Association vice president Du Tonghe, municipal CPPCC Chairman Huang Kangming attended the opening ceremony, municipal committee, municipal united front work department minister Zhang Chunping attended the meeting and delivered a speech, Jingdezhen ceramic college party secretary Jiang Weihui has a speech at the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Chen Yuqian, Dean and professor of Jingdezhen college. Attended the opening ceremony of the Jiangxi literature and Art Federation Chairman, vice chairman of Jiangxi Artists Association Yang Jinxing, vice president of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department of other director Lv Pinchang, former Secretary of the Party committee, Jingdezhen ceramics university president Qin Xi Lin etc..

Zhang Chunping pointed out that Mr. He Bingqing ceramic art exhibition is one of the 2017 porcelain Fair organizing a series of activities, Mr. He Bingqing is the Twelfth National People's Congress. Innovation and change throughout He Bingqing ceramic art career are highly rated by many provincial leaders,and blue and white porcelain of Nanchang Wanda Mao facadedesigned by Mr. He Bingqing of the , this is added to Jingdezhen porcelain culture praisal, and also to Mr. He Bingqing in the field of ceramic art design innovation spirit of praisal.

Zhang Chunping stressed  that art needs innovation, and the times calls for innovation. In Mr. He Bingqing's ceramic art works, we can not only feel the traditional Chinese aesthetic atmosphere, but also feel the atmosphere of innovation. It is these smells that bring forth new ideas from generation to generation and push China's culture to a higher level. At present, the country is promoting the Chinese culture to go out. In Jingdezhen, the inheritance and innovation of traditional ceramic culture, the use of ceramic art to tell the story of China, for ceramic artists, is the responsibility, but also the mission. We hope to work together to promote Jingdezhen ceramic culture in the tradition of innovation, innovation in development, to promote Jingdezhen ceramic culture, to promote foreign exchanges, to make a positive contribution to build a dialogue with the world city.