High Fired: Motherhood

High Fired: Motherhood

Author:Diana Williams

Curator:Jane Milosch


Diana Williams have worked in her ceramic art practice since 1990 and have taught these skills in Australia, Germany, Switzerland & China.

She have exhibited in China, Australia, USA, Korea and Lebanon. She work is in the collection of the Australian War Memorial (ACT), Australian Embassy, Washington DC, Canberra Museum & Gallery (ACT), and private collections worldwide.

High Fired: Motherhood focuses on the Cycle of Existence. It challenges the subliminal connections between motherhood, war and the transient nature of life and death. 

Artistically she exploring the emotional response of a mother to war and the impact that war has on mothers and their children. She work uses the fragility of humanity and porcelain to contrast with the objects of war and the perpetuation of violence in the world.