Museums as Cultural Centers: Traditional Future —— On the theme activities of Jingdezhen China ceramics museumon May 18th, International Museum Day

May 18, 2019 is the 43rd International Museum Day. This year's theme is "Museums as Cultural Centers: Traditional Future".  Our museum has carried out rich theme day activities around the theme.

In the morning, the "Miracle of Chinese Culture-Historical and Cultural Exhibition of Fangshan Yunju Temple in Beijing" was solemnly opened in our museum. Chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Secretary of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, Zhang Chunping; Standing Committee of the Jingdezhen Municipal Committee of the CPC and Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government, Wang Hongyun; Director of the Yunju Temple Cultural Relics Administration and Director of Fangshan Shijing Museum, Wang Dejun; Famous Cultural Scholar Yang Yiwu; Chief of the Cultural Relics Department of Jingdezhen municipal Bureau of culture, radio, TV and Publication, Zhan Xinghua; and people from all parties attended the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Li Ning, secretary of the Party branch of Jingdezhen China ceramics museum. Wang Dejun, director of Yunju Temple's Cultural Relics Administration and director of Fangshan Shijing Museum, made a speech. Wang Hongyun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jingdezhen Municipal Committee and vice mayor of the municipal government, delivered a speech. Zhang Chunping, chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and minister of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Committee of the CPC announced the opening.

(Exhibition Site)

Social education

1. The "Story on Porcelain " of Museum Entering Class

On the afternoon of May 16, 2019.  Interpreters from ceramics museum, China, Jingdezhen walked into the campus of Wutong Primary School in Changjiang District of Jingdezhen City to carry out a ceramic culture research tour-the "Story on Porcelain Bottle" activity of the museum into the classroom, bringing ceramic culture into the campus and into the children's classroom.

(Understanding the Type of Traditional Porcelain)

The narrator introduced the basic situation of Jingdezhen China ceramics museum to the students, showed the modelling of China's traditional porcelain with a large number of pictures, and played a "guessing game" with the students.  Finally, it tells the story of "Ba Man Jin Bao" based on the cultural relic "Ba Man Jin Bao Tu binaural bottle of Qing Dynasty Ganlong famille rose" collected in our museum.

(guessing game)

2. Museum+Internet Live Classroom

Every year on museum day, our museum will carry out live classroom activities on the internet.  This year, our museum and Jingdezhen No.1 Middle School and Jingdezhen No.2 Middle School broadcast live online at the same time.  Through the network television and cloud platform technology, the museum explanation is broadcast live. Students can watch and listen to the commentator's on-site explanation in class, and can interact with the commentator at any time. The commentator can also answer students' questions in time.

(Live from Museum)

(Students Asking Questions to Interpreters in Classroom)

3. Entering Museum Series Activities

On the day of May 18, 2019, our museum carried out 14 batches of "Entering Museum" activities.  Under the guidance of the instructors, the students visited the basic exhibition of porcelain, porcelain industry and Jingdezhen's urban development history to understand the origin and development of porcelain and Jingdezhen's history. After the visit, the instructors played interactive games with the students and handed out souvenirs.


4. Heritage Restoration Course

On May 17 and 18, 2019, students from Nanchang No.2 Middle School and the Ceramic Art Institute participated in the "Cultural Relics Restoration Course" with great interest.

(Instructing theoretical knowledge of restoration)

Experience repair