"Porcelain’s Journey along the Silk Road---Chinese Porcelain Culture Exhibition " International Tour Exhibition (Greece) was ceremoniously l

At 3 pm on December 20th, sponsored by the Information Office of Jiangxi Provincial People's Government, the CPC Jingdezhen Municipal Committee, and the Jingdezhen Municipal People's Government, "Porcelain’s Journey along the Silk Road---On-Site Exhibition of Traditional Ceramic Molding Technology" was organized by the Information Office of Jingdezhen Municipal People's Government and Jingdezhen China ceramics museum and launched in the Zapion Palace Exhibition in Athens, Greece. Jingdezhen China ceramics museum "Porcelains Journey along the Silk Road---Chinese Porcelain Culture Exhibition" International Tour Exhibition, featuring more than 100 exquisite ceramic exhibits and live performances by 6 inheritors of  intangible cultural heritage , presented participants with an exquisite feast of Chinese culture.

   Wu Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jingdezhen Municipal Committee and Minister of United Front, Mr. nikolaus Macro Pross, Deputy Mayor of Athens, Ms. Klostar Adamantis, Foreign Affairs Adviser to the Greek Minister of Culture and Sports and Minister's Representative, Mr. catroux Galos, former Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Member of Parliament and member of the Greek-Chinese Friendship Group, delivered speeches separately, and Wang Qiang, Chargé d 'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Greece, opened the event.  Mr. Lin Dajian, Deputy Inspector of the Propaganda Department of Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, Mr. Dimitrisz Pontemaries, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Acropolis Museum, Mr. George Manginnis, Director of the Benaki Museum, and more than 150 people from the Greek media, culture and arts attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. nikolaus Macro Pross, vice mayor of Athens, made a speech first. He said that Jingdezhen porcelain represents Chinese culture and is a great heritage of the Chinese people.  This activity is a gathering of art and culture. The traditional ceramic molding techniques are amazing. Jingdezhen porcelain is rich in varieties, forms and splendor. Cultural exchanges between China and the West have a long history and can generate wisdom, gain respect, increase consensus and win friendship.  This cultural exchange will make new contributions to the friendship between China and Greece in the new era.

In her speech, the foreign affairs adviser to the Greek minister and the , Ms Closta Adamantis, said that China is an ancient civilization in the east and Greece is a major cultural country in the west. There are many cultural projects in progress between the two countries. After President Xi Jinping visited Greece, the Greek Ministry of Culture is also organizing a number of cultural activities between China and Greece. The "Porcelains Journey along the Silk Road-On-site Exhibition of Traditional Ceramic Forming Techniques" has been very successful and will become a model for Sino-Greek cultural cooperation and exchange.

Catroux Galos, a member of the Greek parliament and a member of the Greek-Chinese friendship group, said in his speech that he was very glad that Jingdezhen artists brought such elegant art to Athens.  China and Greece are both ancient civilizations and will have many opportunities for cooperation in culture.  I am very grateful to the Chinese government for hosting this cultural event in Greece, which will enable the Greek people to better understand Chinese culture and will also better promote cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.

 Wu Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jingdezhen Municipal Committee and Minister of United Front, said that the "On-site Exhibition of Traditional Ceramic Forming Techniques" had invited six national intangible cultural heritage inheritors in China to present on-site ceramic works in six chapters: Silk Road Memory, Blue and White Story, Colored World, Transformed Colors, Carving Time and Good Life. Let the Greek people appreciate the "uncanny craftsmanship" of ceramic craftsmen and the "exquisite beauty" of Chinese ceramics at the same time, and jointly play the beautiful music of learning from each other, and jointly open a new era of exchanges and cooperation between China and Greece.

At the opening ceremony, Lin Dajian presented a porcelain plate with a portrait of Confucius in China to Athens municipal government.

The ceramic exhibition continues the six chapters of Denmark and Croatia's "Silk Road Memory, Blue and White Story, Painted World, Transformed colors, Carving Time, Beautiful Life". In the memory chapter of Silk Road, through the display of export porcelain in history, the historical footprint of Jingdezhen export porcelain is reproduced. Porcelain connects China with the world and wins China's good name.  In the blue-and-white story, many classic blue-and-white porcelain are displayed, telling the story of the miracle of civilization that once swept the world from the marketplace to the palace and from East Asia to Northern Europe.  In the world of colored drawing, from landscapes to flowers and birds to figures, from paints to colored glazes, ceramics with various decorative techniques are all available and colorful, which fully embodies the artistic charm of ceramic culture. In the chapter of Transformed colors, the unique flavor of colored glaze ceramics is displayed as "single color in ,multi-color out".  In the chapter of carving time, the "craftsman spirit" that strives for perfection is explained.  In the chapter of good life, by showing the footprints of the common growth of ceramic civilization and human civilization, the beautiful vision of "ceramic changing life" is reflected.

This exhibition tour of our museum to Athens, Greece and the press office of Jingdezhen municipal people's government jointly hosted the "Porcelain’s Journey along the Silk Road---on-site exhibition of traditional ceramic molding techniques", which is another beneficial attempt for Chinese ceramic culture to go out.  As an important part of Chinese culture's going out, ceramic culture will play an important role in the process of Chinese culture's going out, highlighting the brand value of the world's porcelain capital and deepening the world's understanding and recognition of Chinese culture. This exhibition is also the closing exhibition of our pavilion's 2019 International Tour. In recent years, Jingdezhen China ceramics museum has actively responded to the call of the state to promote Chinese excellent traditional culture, promote ceramic culture, tell Chinese stories well, bring exhibitions, social education, academic research and other activities and achievements out of the country, and broaden and enrich the channels and ways for Chinese culture to go abroad.  In the future, Jingdezhen China ceramics museum will also go abroad to hold a series of ceramic cultural exhibition activities, practice the Silk Road spirit and contribute "Jingdezhen strength" to promote Chinese culture to go abroad.

Lin Dajian, deputy inspector of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, presented the Confucius porcelain plate designed by our museum to Athens municipal government

Wang Qiang, Chargé d 'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Greece, Announced the Opening of the Exhibition

Guests Visit Live Performance of Porcelain Making Techniques

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