Overseas Classes by Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum

Onthe morning of October 11, the overseas class by the Chinese Ceramic Museum inJingdezhen (Zadar, Croatia) began. Eighty-five teachers and students from theoldest university in Croatia, Zadar University's History and Art Academy,entered the classroom. Through the "Jingdezhen", "IngenuityPottery Documentary" and other promotional videos, everyone have apreliminary impression of Jingdezhen.

(Zadar University teachers and students watch the video on thespot)


Inthe "Director's face to face" session, everyone followed in thefootsteps of director Zhao Gang, listening to his telling the story behindJingdezhen Ceramics.

(Students and students from Zadar University visit theexhibition)

(The curator explains the exhibits to the students)

(Interviews with visitors by local media)


Onthe afternoon of October 11, Zhao Gang, director of JingdezhenChina CeramicMuseum , gave a lecture on "Porcelain Capital Jingdezhen Style", andDr. Fadić, director of the Zadar Ancient GlassMuseum presided over the lecture. Through rich graphic and textual data,detailed data records, and vivid language expressions, people here will onceagain experience the unique charm of blue and white porcelain, pastelporcelain, glazed porcelain and exquisite porcelain. During the interactivesession, everyone actively raised their questions, and the atmosphere waslively. This lecture is this year's lecture on Chinese ceramic culture andChinese ceramic history after Frederiksborg Denmark.

 (Interview session with audience questions,museum staff issues small gifts for questioners)