Our Museum LaunchesCeramic Culture Research Activities

On April 12, our museum launched thetheme activity of "ceramic culture research trip", with 500 teachersand students from Lianxi district no 1 primary school in Jiujiang cityparticipating.  Students wander in thesea of ceramics to feel the charm of ceramic culture, increase their knowledge,broaden their horizons and accept the edification of the essence of traditionalChinese culture.


In the museum, the students stoppedto watch in each exhibition hall, listened carefully to the narrator'sexplanation, carefully grasped the story and historical value of each exhibit,and attentively experienced those ceramic products with rich historical connotationand full of wisdom and talents.  Since the "CeramicCulture Research Tour" was held in ceramics museum, Jingdezhen, China, inOctober 2016, it has been welcomed by students from all over the country andreceived unexpected results. 

This activity has enabled thestudents to increase their knowledge, broaden their horizons, enrich theirknowledge of history and culture, gain a deeper understanding of the historyand culture of ceramic in various periods, cultivate their interest in ceramichistory and culture, and stimulate their passion for Chinese culture.