Museum Night·CelebratingPorcelain ---Youth Recitation Contest was Held

This year marksthe 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.  70 years of hard work, 70 years of hardships,70 years of hard work, 70 years of fruitful results!

The motherland'sbirthday is celebrated throughout the country. At this moment of celebrationfull of pride and joy, in order to promote ceramic culture, inherit andinnovate ceramic art, and make it the spiritual motive force for socialprogress and national rejuvenation, this ancient art is given new vitality inthe grand journey to realize the Chinese dream. On August 30, Jingdezhen, China's ceramics museum, held a youth recitalcontest on the night of the museum, "Celebrating the 70th Anniversary ofthe Founding of the People's Republic of China, Singing Porcelain," whichwas attended by nearly 100 primary and secondary school students from allcounties (cities, districts) in the city.

This activity issponsored by Jingdezhen China ceramics museum and Jingdezhen Youth Palace,hosted by Jingdezhen City's Angli Broadcasting and Hosting School andJingdezhen City's Angli Dance and Rhyme Dance School, and assisted by JiangxiJingdezhen Reading Conference, Jiangxi Radio and Television Language and ArtTesting Judges Jingdezhen Evaluation Center, Jingdezhen Training Base of theMinistry of Culture and Tourism's Chinese Song Recitation Test, and JingdezhenTraining Test Center of the National Youth Broadcasting and Hosting Committee.

In the earlystage of the competition, Jingdezhen China ceramics museum organized parentsand children to learn Jingdezhen ceramic culture, so that parents and childrencan understand ceramic history and culture, understand ceramics museum, andmake every parent and child a window for dialogue.

In the activity,the contestants read aloud in a variety of forms, with hundreds of differentstyles. Some of them chanted alone, accompanied by music or interspersed withdances. They combined the history and culture of Jingdezhen, the localcharacteristics of Jingdezhen, the changes of Jingdezhen's times, etc. withtheir own life experiences, telling their stories, singing classical literaturesongs in an impassioned way, and expressing their love for their motherland andhometown with deep feelings.

After thecompetition, each group will name one special prize, two first prizes, threesecond prizes and several third prizes for each group. They will also recommendoutstanding players to participate in various national and provincialcompetitions and the recording of provincial television programs. They willalso have the opportunity to be recommended as small interpreters, school radiostation broadcasters and small interpreters in ceramics museum, China.

Jingdezhen Chinaceramics museum will give full play to the educational function of the nationalprimary and secondary schools' research and study bases, providing a richer andbetter display platform for our young people, helping them grow up healthilyand serving the future of our motherland.