Ways of Donation of Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum

. Purpose and basis

        To encourage and regulate donation ofJingdezhenChinaCeramicsMuseum, the measure was drawn up according to Law of donation of People’s Republic ofChina, other rules and the real situation of the museum.

Ⅱ. Range

        Donate property (cash, technology, etc) to museum, and administration of donations.

Ⅲ.Donor and donee

        Human beings or other organizations(called donor)donate property to Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum. Donations must be donor’s legal property.

        As donee,JingdezhenChinaCeramicsMuseumaccept, use and manage donations.

Ⅳ. Means

        Donors can donate toJingdezhenChinaCeramicsMuseumwith no condition or additional condition. The additional conditions can be:

        1.According to donation content, hold a signing ceremony or a press conference for donation

        2.Introduction for donees in official propaganda material

        3.Endow donee with nameplate and put it beside the donation

        4.Endow donee with member ofJingdezhenChinaCeramicsMuseum.

        5.Other condition about which donees agree withJingdezhenChinaCeramicsMuseum.

Ⅴ. Procedures:

        1.Express the will to donate and fill the application form

        2.Negotiate with the museum about details and sign the agreement

        3.Deal with formalities as rules.

Ⅵ.Determine value

        It’s hard to determine the value of property. Through negotiation, value is determined. If necessary, value is estimated through consign to rating agency.

Ⅶ. Awards for donation

        According to contribution, grant donee with title of honor or certificate of honor, or engrave with name for commemoration. Donee’s consent is required.

Ⅷ. Awards for assisting donation

        People who assist donation must be awarded.

Ⅸ. Preferential policy

        When donees donate toJingdezhenChinaCeramicsMuseum, pre-tax of income tax will be deducted according to national tax law or rules.

        If object is donated from overseas, as for involved matters of import tax and value added tax on imports,JingdezhenChinaCeramicsMuseumwill handle them according to relevant national tax law and regulations.

Ⅹ.Administration of donation

        Administration system must be set up according to related rules.

        Donated property can be applied for construction, collection and conservation ofJingdezhenChinaCeramicsMuseum. Donations can be used for agreed use, and the museum can not presume to change it. It  can not change without consent.

Ⅺ.Financial administration

        Financial administration system must be set up according to related rules.JingdezhenChinaCeramicsMuseumshall provide donees with legal and valid voucher or receipt.

        As for cash donation, the museum shall deposit cash to the specified bank account.

Ⅻ. Supervision

        Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum shall report the conditions of use and administration of donations to the higher authority,and these information shall be published at official website and wechat.

        Donees have the right to give advices or suggestions about administration of donations, and the museum shall answer for the donees’ inquire according to the facts.

        JingdezhenChinaCeramicsMuseumshall make administration of donations known to public.

ⅩⅢ. Date of Application

        This measure is applied since September 1st, 2015.