Department Setting

Department Setting

Person in charge

Duties and Responsibilities

Contact Number

Labor Union

Yu Xiaoyun

Closely integrate Labor Union work, Party work,  development of culture and museum with improvement in staff’s quality; take  buildingStaff’s Familyas the requirement; as the link between the unit and the staff.


Executive office

Yu Xiaoyun

In charge of implementing Party and government work of  the museum; in charge of official activities between political parties and  departments of the museum; organizing, carrying out, implementing and  supervising important issues and decisions; external publicity work;  administration of integrated documents, archives and letters of the museum  and executive service work and so on.


Collections’ storage department


Chen Min

In charge of registration, collecting, storage and  archives of collections.


Cultural creation industry department


Chen Yan

In charge of developing and promoting cultural creation  industry, in charge of managing Bowen Company.


Exhibition Department

Ye Qian

In charge of showing, changing, planning and organizing  exhibition.


Social Education Department

Wang Jing

In charge of organization and reception of visitors and  interpretation service work; in charge of compiling the presentation draft  and so on.


Property management department


Lan Lili

In charge of administrating and preserving house  property and permanent assets; In charge of keeping the museum clean.


Finance Department

Shao Xiaoqing

In charge of daily financial auditing work and  distributing employee paychecks.


Safety and security department

Fu Chaohua

In charge of safety and security work of the museum;  supervise and ensure the normal operation of monitors and fire-fighting  equipments; management of security guard team, and so on.